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We are delighted you have decided to find out more about the services that we offer.

We currently serve 2 types of clients - Entrepreneurs and Startups, to each we aim to provide the most relevant services for one’s stage.

We are obligated to the highest standard of performance.

Our recommendations vary, as to your needs, and we are not committed to any specific vendor, meaning you will pay only for what you need and not what is easier for us to work with.

We encourage you to scroll down and have a better insight into how we can work together.





Turn ideas into reality

We want to be a part of YOUR team.

Joining us means getting practical right from the first call.

Let’s meet up for a cuppa and talk goals, timelines, and estimations.

Whether you’ve done this before or not, we will be happy to assist you with the creation of an efficient and lean business plan, structuring and hiring your team of professionals, defining KPIs for your startup with scale and growth in mind.


Software architecture, choice of tech stack, backoffice management, fraud combat, CRM, userbase growth are all a part of the package custom made for you.

We also offer top-quality hands-on coding and devops services, so we got you covered.



Run your startup

Being partners means that YOUR SUCCESS is our success, so we really want you to be the best.


We will provide you with all the tools you may need to run your startup efficiently and independently, but not to worry - we won’t leave you alone.

We are committed and we will provide continuous guidance and support even long after deployment.

Build your network

We really like to indulge, but some people are just too important to keep for ourselves.


Our network of industry leaders, companies and exceptional professionals is growing, and we would like you to join in! We can’t wait to introduce you as our new important partner!


Building a network is crucial to make sure things go in the path you want them to.

You can opt out at any time you want, but why would you?


Bespoke Suite for Companies












Startup life can get real hectic and CEOs are expected to juggle between the roles of HR, CTO, Marketing Manager, Support and what not.

We are here to make sure you get the right decisions and

have a clear path to greatness.


Let’s meet up and discuss the current state of your company and what you want to make out of it. 

A senior consultant will then meet your team and will evaluate the

state of your startup at all aspects and hand you a detailed report.

Your startup is important and so we want to make sure we won’t miss a thing.


Based on the assessment, we will recommend various specific actions

and routes to take, all of which are serving your defined goals.

Such suggestions might include changes to the working methodology, maximising efficiency and quality of deliverables, restructuring teams, perfecting the software architecture and implementation, redefining the hiring processes, all to set your startup on the highway to growth.


All our suggestions are non-binding. We want to work with YOU and will consolidate to fit YOUR needs. The whole process will be completely transparent and your level of engagement will be up to you.

We are committed to what is best for YOU

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