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About Metamindz.


Build the best teams, develop a durable yet versatile infrastructure for your products and upscale while keeping everyone happy, from the end user to the investors, is a mission impossible without the right guidance.

Our team of professionals is here to provide you with not only the most profound insight into your company but also a thorough understanding of your business and market share and provide you with practical tools. 

We will accompany and support you through the entire process and maintain our relationship after it is finished.

Lev Perlman, CEO

We are here for you.

Bespoke Innovation

We live in a dynamic world.

Things change, businesses pivot, teams break up and regroup, new competitors join the game.

Our top priority is your success.

That’s why we make no commitments to any specific vendor

Every business is different and it is never one-size-fits-all.


We believe in versatile solutions to the various challenges your company faces and are here to guide and accompany you through whatever lies ahead.

DIVERSITY + Inclusion


Proper implementation of diversity values is a key aspect of our work with our clients

We offer training for companies and professionals about diversity and its implementation



Joined forces with organisations and companies to create a big community that promotes diversity in Tech 


Our team is driven to come up with more and more tactics to promote diversity within our company and the companies we collaborate with


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