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Lev Perlman
Co Founder & CTO
🇬🇧  based

A technology leader and software consultant, Lev has been working with a wide range of clients and industries, delivering optimised and highly-efficient software solutions & hybrid teams - for the business goals

Tom Livne
Co Founder & COO
🇬🇧  based

A brilliant product manager and consultant, Tom has been helping many organisations by improving their processes, training staff to optimise sales, and by scaling up complex digital products

Alex Chistyakov
Tech Lead
🇳🇱  based

Alex is our brilliant tech lead. In the past, founder and CTO of successful B2C startups in the immigration tech space. Alex is a brilliant developer and a kind leader, who cares deeply about customers, efficiency, and quality.

joined by our team of amazing, resilient & the most professional tech talent

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Proven track record

20+ publications

about technology, solutions and methodology

in leading technical resources


of group experience

in the tech sector
and the hi-tech industry

🇬🇧 based

and proud

to work with local startups,
agencies & entrepreneurs

endorsed by the UK's "Exceptional Talent" programme


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