Our approach

the 3 principles that guide us in everything we do;

Full transparency

Our clients receive full access to everything.

Project & product management, documentation, analytics & user journeys.

Our toolbox includes software specifically designed to provide you with access to everything we do, so you will have absolute certainty in the work & delivery.

Full accountability

We are advocates of the 'tachles' approach - to the point, precise, accurate, and truthful - regardless of whether the news are "good" or not.

We believe that accountability is the only way to build long-lasting partnerships. That's the foundation of trust.

And that's the only way to properly solve any challenges that may rise on the way.

Serve the business

Technology constantly evolves.

Digital delivery is about choosing the right technology for the task based on scalability, maintainability, and budget. Technology is meant to serve the business, not the other way around.

It's about building reliable, future-proof products that will scale, be easy to maintain, and fulfil the business goals.

"Metamindz manifests intricate analytical skills, deep technological capabilities and above all, high accountability."